EWZSA Slurpee Cup

Jun 1 to Jun 3, 2018

Coach Corner

Welcome to the Slurpee Cup Tournament

NEW Tournament Rules and Regulations for 2017 - Click Here

2017 Slush Cup Preferred Hotels - Click Here

Guest Players Information - NEW and updated Guest Player Rules for 2017 - Click Here

  • All Guest Player forms need to accompany the game sheet and be handed to the referee before the start of each game that the guest player is participating.
  • Any team that plays an ineligible player will forfeit the game.

Important Coach Information

Please read through carefully as your team will be responsible to understand all the information

1. All communication (phone calls and emails) between teams and tournament staff is to be done through the team officials; coach, assistant coach or manager that are listed on the official team roster. We will accept emails from a tournament rep or bench parent that is not listed on the roster as long as the coach is copied on all emails.

2. When communicating through emails, always state your team name, gender and age group, this will save time for tournament staff when replying.

3. Coaches and managers are responsible to communicate important tournament information to their team’s players and parents, we ask that players and parents do not contact the tournament staff directly.

4. Coaches and managers are responsible to know, understand and follow all tournament rules, especially the rules for guest players/trialists. Any team found to have played an ineligible player(s) will forfeit the game.

5. Team officials are responsible for the behaviour of their players, parents and spectators at all times during the tournament. Any team showing unsportsmanlike behavior will be disciplined and unruly spectators may be asked to leave the tournament field area. Any verbal abuse to referees, staff and volunteers by any team may result in immediate expulsion from the tournament.

6. NEW - We will be having our team sign in and coach packet pick-up on Friday June 3 from 12:00 - 9:00 pm and Saturday June 4 from 9:00 am - 12:00 pm. You can check in your team and pick up your coach packet at the West Zone Soccer Office located at 15430 - 93 Avenue. Google Map -Click Here

7. Coach packets will contain important tournament information and giveaways from our tournament sponsors.

8. If needed you can play your first game and then sign in your team if that is more convenient, but we ask all teams to make arrangements to collect their coach packet before Saturday at 12:00 pm.

9. Scores and team stats will be posted on the official Slurpee Cup website. NEW for 2017 - There will be no bonus point for a shut out win.

10. All teams are required to provide their own first aid kit along with ice packs in case of injury.

11. If needed teams may use bench parents to assist the team on the bench, bench parents do not need to be listed on the official team roster. All teams must have at least 1 team official or bench parent of the same gender as the players.

12. In the event that both teams are wearing like colors, the home team will be required to change jerseys or wear pinnies as determined by the referee

13. The Mercy Rule will be in place for the tournament. No team will be given more than a 5 goal win differential. Tie-Breaking procedures will use stats AFTER the mercy rule is applied. For example if a team wins 6-0, they will only receive credit for 5-0 regardless of actual score.

14. Schedules for the tournament will be available on the website by Wednesday May 24, 2017. Once the schedules are posted, they are final and changes can only be made if there is an error. We do our best to accommodate special requests, but that is not always possible.

15. Once the schedules are posted you will be able to print your game sheets, you will only need 1 game sheet per game and you will give the game sheet to the referee at the start of each game.

NEW - We will have volunteers and staff pick up the game sheets from the Referee after the game, teams DO NOT need to deliver game sheets to headquarters.

Headquarter locations by age group:
U10 teams - Belmead – 9109 – 182 Street
U12 teams - La Perle – 18611 – 97A Avenue
U14, U16 & U18 teams - Sister Annata Brockman - 355 Hemingway Rd

16. Proof of player registration must be carried with the teams at all times (provincial registration roster as well as any player cards). The referee will not be checking player cards during the tournament, but you should carry them with you in case of a dispute.

Food Vendors

For your convenience will will have food trucks onsite at the three tournament locations (Sister Annata Brockman, La Perle and Belmead) where you will be able to purchase food or beverages. Please help us keep the field area clean from garbage and debris by using the garbage cans at each location. We ask each team to pick up any garbage left by their team and spectators after each game to help keep our fields clean.


Parking at some of the fields will be very limited during the tournament especially at Belmead and La Perle East. We ask all participants to be considerate when parking their vehicles that they are not blocking personal driveways and are parking only in designated parking spots. If possible we ask teams to car pool to the field to avoid over crowding at the fields. The YMCA parking lot near the Callingwood fields is NOT to be used for tournament parking, your vehicle may get tagged and towed.

NEW maps of fields at each location. Click the links below to see where the field is located at each site.

Field Map for Belmead - Click Here

Field Map for La Perle West - Click Here

Field Map for La Perle East - Click Here

Field Map for Primrose - Click Here

Field Map for Sister Annata Brockman - Click Here

Field Map for Callingwood - Click Here

Field Map for S. Bruce Smith - Click Here

Field Map for EMSA West Complex - Click Here

Inclement Weather Procedure - Click Here

Friday and Saturday Game procedures

All Round Robin games CAN end in tie

There is NO overtime for any game in the tournament

SUNDAY Game Procedure

Any Game with:

1st of Group vs. 2nd of Group - Gold/Silver Medal Game

3rd of Group vs. 4th of Group - Bronze Medal Game

5th of Group vs. 6th of Group - Consolation Game

MUST have a result if the game ends in a tie

All Round Robin games CAN end in a tie as medals will be awarded based on stats.

IF the game ends in a tie there is NO OVERTIME - Game goes straight to penalty kicks

Please remember:

These are kids

This is a game

The coaches volunteer

The referees are human

This is not professional soccer

Please be respectful to our referees: